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Voicebook, a BeeMedia’s division based in the center of Milan, has two recording studios and three post-production studios, which allow us to be fast in our productions and to operate simultaneously on different projects, always respecting and guaranteeing a high quality final production.

In our recording studios in Milan, Italy, we are able to link with all over the world through SOURCE CONNECT and CODEC ISDN (in addition to Skype).

This permits BeeMedia to record and direct voice talents, everywhere and in real time.


Among our equipment:

Avid ProTools

Controller: Focusrite Command8 /Edirol PCR-500

Monitoring: Genelec 1030A / Genelec 8040° / ADAM A5X

Microphone: Neumann U-87A/ AKG C414B-XLII



ISDN EQUIPMENT Centauri 3001 / Centauri 3001 III.

4 ISDN lines

Compatible with most codecs: APT-X, MPEG (Layer2-Layer3), OPUS, CDQ PRIMA, MUSICTAXI, TELOS ZEPHYR, SCOOPY, AAC, GLENNSOUND and many more;

Type: Layer II, Layer III, G.722, AAC, and many others.

Source Connect Address: studiowt

Skype Address: Beemedia Milano


Voicebook, BeeMedia’s division, Isdn Recording Studios

Via Appiani 12, Milan, Italy

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